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Carroll Elder, a native of central Arkansas and Phillip Steele, a native of northwest Arkansas well remember those wonderful foods, especially those homemade desserts, and realized that many of these farm kitchen recipes were being lost with time.

Both Elder and Steele also observed that such nostalgic foods could no longer be found in today's supermarket, restaurant, or food service operations. Feeling such historical foods and their exceptional quality we all remember needed to be preserved, Elder and Steele formed their company in 1975. The partners not only brought to the company their memories of farm kitchen meals, but also a strong background in food processing and food distribution education.

The company began production in a Little Rock plant facility and as the sales and production demands have grown over the years, they now operate from their third location. Mr. Elder serves as the company CEO mainly responsible for all production, quality control, and distribution while Jim Fletcher serves as company president responsible for all sales and marketing activities through their marketing offices located in Northwest Arkansas.

The company concentrates on designing products and packaging to fit the nations broad food categories. Products are created to reach supermarket deli-bakery interest, club store interest, national restaurant chain accounts; health care, catering, the family restaurant, convenience stores, and other segments of the fast growing food service and deli-bakery take home opportunities.
Marketing Offices
Jim Fletcher, President
Mel Whitney,
Customer Service Director
P.O. Box 269
Springdale, AR 72765
Telephone - (479) 756-2230
Fax - (479) 756-9598
Carroll Elder, CEO
Robert Cochran,
Vice-President of Production
John Zachariason, CFO
3300 South Polk
P.O. Box 191470
Little Rock, AR 72219
Telephone - (501) 565-1257
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