Our Goals and Purposes
Carroll Elder of Little Rock, Arkansas and Phillip W. Steele of Springdale, Arkansas formed Good Old Days Foods, Inc. thirty-seven years ago. Their purpose was to develop and market old-fashioned farm kitchen food products they remember being served by their grandmothers when visiting their farm home for Sunday dinner or other special occasions.

Not only are such old-fashioned recipes from the past being rapidly lost with time, but the special touch, preparation, and presentations are seldom found or made available to the consumer or food service operator.

The goals of Good Old Days Foods today are not only to preserve these wonderful farm kitchen memories but to bring back these nostalgic products in a form and at a cost level attractive to today's market. We are committed to recreating these memorable foods while preserving the flavor, quality level, and appearance we so fondly remember. The company strives to provide their customers new opportunities for unique products for broad markets at the deli-bakery, food service, and consumer levels.
Marketing Offices
Jim Fletcher, President
Mel Whitney,
Customer Service Director
P.O. Box 269
Springdale, AR 72765
Telephone - (479) 756-2230
Fax - (479) 756-9598
Carroll Elder, CEO
Robert Cochran,
Vice-President of Production
John Zachariason, CFO
3300 South Polk
P.O. Box 191470
Little Rock, AR 72219
Telephone - (501) 565-1257
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