10 Reasons Why!
1. The Original
Through their original affiliation with Ole South Foods, owners of Good Old Days Foods, Inc., produced the nation's first frozen fruit cobbler dessert in 1960. Using original fruit cobbler recipes that date back over a century, the Company offers its customers almost 40 years of experience in producing fresh fruit cobbler desserts.

2. Specialization
Due to customer requests, the Company has, over the years, developed several products that complement its fruit cobbler line. Production of fruit cobbler, however, remains the Company's main focus. Fruit cobbler is produced daily, four to six days a week, and distributed nationally to a broad variety of operators. Health care, college feeding facilities, family restaurants, buffets, barbecue chains, catering concerns, deli-bakeries, convenience stores, truck stops, chicken chains, and operations of all kinds have successfully improved their dessert sales and quality with the consistency this specialization provides.

3. Private Ownership Advantage
Although the Company remains privately owned and relatively small, through its unique niche in the dessert category and fruit cobbler specialization, it has become the nation's largest fruit cobbler producer. Not only does their specialization provide quality advantages, the Company can provide faster response to any request for marketing support or operation problems in the field.

4. Fruit Integrity
Through its many years of cobbler production experience, the Company has developed select sources for specific fruit varieties for its specifications. Flavor, texture, appearance, and other factors necessary for quality consistency are maintained by loyal fruit processor/supplier friends. One such important quality factor requires that fruit be maintained in an I.Q.F. form from the processor, through the plant, and until the operator first bakes the product. Such control results in the "fresh from the orchard" flavor and appearance few others can equal.

5. Flavor and Universal Appeal
Those wonderful tastes and smells many of us remember from grandmother's farm kitchen are found in all Good Old Days products. The Company's carefully tested, century-old spicing recipes are designed to complement each fruit variety. This encourages maximum dessert sales while promoting the consumer's dining enjoyment and the operator's good will.

6. Fruit Fill Consistency
The Company first installed its Ishida Check Weight fruit filling equipment in its plant in 1993. Utilizing the most sophisticated filling equipment available, pure fruit weight is computer-controlled to within two grams of weight variance, over or under, in each tray. The I.Q.F. fruit flows gently through the equipment preventing damage of the fruit during the in-plant filling process.

7. Crowning Crust
Crust is extremely important to any fruit cobbler product. Over the years, Good Old Days has continually improved upon its century-old crust formulation. One needs only to compare with any other cobbler to recognize the definite flaky texture and flavor advantage found in a Good Old Days cobbler. Both top and bottom crusts are used. The special blend margarine strip found on each top crust not only further enhances the flavor of the crust, but also adds to the overall cobbler appearance when baked. For best results, this topping should be uniformly brushed over the crust a few minutes after placing in the oven.

8. Homemade Appearance
First founded for the purpose of preserving the nostalgia of those wonderful farm kitchen products so seldom found today, Good Old Days Foods uses great care throughout the production process to maintain the flavor of the past, plus a unique homemade appearance operators and consumers prefer. The top crust is carefully hand wrinkled to help accomplish this.

9. Marketing Support
Good Old Days Foods' marketing offices are maintained in Springdale, Arkansas. An experienced marketing staff is available to help train food broker market representatives and their distributor salespersons. Food show support and joint operator calls are available at all times in a continued effort to increase dessert category sales throughout the nation. Furthermore, Good Old Days continually calls on national account headquarters, which has resulted in its product being approved by numerous national chain accounts.

10. Size and Package Convenience
Realizing that operators have specific needs to best fit their manner of operating, the Company attempts to address such problems by creating size and pack styles to accommodate each need. Fruit cobbler weighing 5 lbs. is offered in 6 fruit varieties. This size is recommended for use by upscale family restaurants or white tablecloth operations. the 6 lb. fruit cobbler features a pound more of filling to stretch portion yields most buffet operations prefer. Our 2 lb. Pop-Out pre-baked portion cobbler requires only transferring the portion to an operator's bowl and microwave warming. Such fast preparation not only reduces kitchen labor, it also prevents any product loss. Black pan (Dome Lid) sizes and products are currently under development for the growing deli-bakery and exciting home meal replacement markets.
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